For each workout session, the workout description is presented in a table of intervals describing the duration and intensity level to be completed in the workout. Depending on the type of workout, there may only be one main session or it may be broken up into multiple sets of intervals

Intervals Name, Description, and Reps

  • Each interval will have a name and basic description to help give an idea of how each effort should feel 
  • Reps: If a step or set of steps are repeated, it will be marked in the gray box on the left, indicating how many repetitions of the step(s) will be performed before moving to the next interval 


  • Sub-intervals are contained within a greater interval, indicating a flexible time frame in which you can perform these intervals. Use this flexibility to plan your intervals to line up with the location you will perform the interval, such as timing a hard effort with a short hill sprint that can be easily repeated. 
  • It is recommended that you perform these intervals in sequence using the prescribed rest time, but the intervals themselves may not take up the entire time frame. Use the main interval intensity range to pace yourself before and after the sub-interval sets. 


  • Each interval duration is programmed into the workout, so when you download it and upload it to your head unit, it will automatically complete each lap and advance you to the next step 

Intensity Targets

  • Zone: HR and Power zone prescribed for the workout 
  • Watts: Target power range based on your threshold power setting 
  • BPM: Target heart rate range based on your threshold heart rate setting 
  • IF: Intensity Factor of your effort, with 1.0 being 100% of threshold 
  • Cadence (optional): Cadence range in RPMs that is suggested for the interval. This is an optional setting and may only be included for some intervals.