We do not provide a direct connection to sync from Strava to Stages Link, as Strava exports in the .GPX format, which loses crucial data from the file such as power data, device information, laps, and altimeter data. Because of this, we recommend keeping your historical data archived in a folder on your computer (or saved on a cloud service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). If you do not have your files saved elsewhere, however, you can bulk export your data from Strava in the .GPX format and add it to Stages Link and then continue to upload future activities directly into Link to preserve your data. 


Strava bulk export

  1. From the main drop-down menu at the top of all Strava pages (under your name) select "Settings". From the lower right of the screen, select "Download all your activities"
  2. After clicking this button, you will see the message "A zipped file of your activities is being prepared. You will receive an email [to your account email] when the file is ready to download. When the export process is complete and you receive the email, simply click the link in the email to download the zipped folder containing your activities.
  3. When the zipped folder is downloaded, open the folder and you will see a GPX file for each one of your uploads.
  4.  Extract the GPX files from the zipped folder into a normal folder on your device
  5. Once you've finished extracting the files, you can upload the files by dragging the files into the manual file upload or use the  Stages Sync desktop application

Exporting a single activity from Strava

For an individual  activity that is missed or recorded via the Strava app, the file can be export by simply going to the activity and adding /export_tcx to the URL and the activity will be downloaded as a .TCX and can be individually added to your calendar via the upload link. The .TCX version will still lose some information, but will retain crucial metrics such as heart rate and power. 

Push Files to Strava

Stages Link can also automatically push files to Strava once they're been uploaded to Link. For instructions on how to enable push services for Strava, click here