There are two simple ways to sync your upcoming workouts to your Garmin Edge series device. Once synced, you can find your workouts under Training > Workouts in your Garmin device, with the planned date of the workout used as the name.


Note: This feature is not available for Garmin multi-sport watches, such as the Forerunner or Fenix series devices. For these devices, you may create your workout under Garmin Connect's workout feature, using the same target power values and interval durations, and sync to your device via the Garmin Connect app (for Bluetooth enabled devices) or through the website utilizing the Garmin Express software (ANT+ stick required for 910xt/310xt/etc).

Manual Download


Using the manual download method, you can downloaded individual workouts to be completed on your Garmin device. To add an individual workout, follow these steps:

  1. Open your workout on the Calendar page of Stages Link
  2. Click the export button I4Jjgb4HyeNkDqgfhDYQVfTZMbev9aFCzA.png and select Garmin TCX or Garmin FIT, chosing from either heart rate or power target
  3. Save the workout file onto your device
  4. Plug in your Garmin device via USB
  5. Drag the workout file into the \Garmin\NewFiles directory
  6. Eject and safely disconnect your Garmin Device, then power on the device to browse to the workouts section

Stages Sync


If you are using the Stages Sync desktop application to sync files from your Garmin device, you can also set it to sync workouts to your device. See our related topic here on how to set up Stages Sync to sync workouts