Yes, Stages Link offers the option to automatically filter or modify power, heart rate, and cadence values above a certain threshold. The options for what to do with these values can be found by clicking your name in the top right corner then  Account. Individual settings can be found under the Threshold/Zones tabs and then under  Power settings, Heart rate settings, and Cadence settings. You can then select the action under Data integrity and set the maximum value under Values>*. Any time you upload a ride and values are removed in processing, an alert will be posted on the ride notes to inform you of this change. 

Setting Filter Limits

  • Set action for invalid values – Choose which action you prefer for the bad values:
    – “Do nothing” will leave values as is.
    – “Discard” will remove all values above the discard ceiling.
    – “Substitute” will replace the values with a fixed value.
    "Replace" will replace the values above the ceiling with the last value below the ceiling.
    – “Scale” will replace the value by a percentage of the value.
  • Discard/Substitute/Replace ceiling – The highest value that will be accepted before being modified by the invalid actions setting above
  • Scale value – Percent value applied to all values outside of the percent ceiling when using the “Scale” option above