While the training plans in Stages Link have a limit of 16 weeks, long term planning can be added into the calendar by adding training phases to the season planing chart located at the bottom of the calendar. The seasonal planning chart (SPC) is available to all premium members, regardless of whether they are using the Stages Link training plans.  The Seasonal Planning Chart allows you to preview your upcoming training load, as well as build your own training plans based on training phases. 

To access the seasonal planning chart, go to the Calendar tab  and it is located on the bottom of the screen. If it is hidden, use the   up arrow to pop up the seasonal planning chart. Use the menu to customize your seasonal planner view before you begin planning training. 

  • Choose to display a combination of all sports or plan based on a single sport:
  • Before setting your seasonal goal, use the menu button  to set the Weeks after today to be shown on the SPC. 
  • Once you have adjusted the display, use your cursor to highlight a section of the future and label your training phase.  Once you release the cursor, the create plan modal will come up and allow you to fill in your details for this phase of training. 

Each training block that you have now created in the seasonal planning chart can now begin to be populated with workouts. You can create your own workouts using the workout builder or choose from pre-built workouts in the workout library. 

  • As you drag workouts in to the calendar, the scheduled T-score for each workout will be calculated and the seasonal planner will adjust to show your scheduled chronic training load
  • Unstructured workouts such as group rides and runs can also be added using an estimated T-score and time duration. Regular uninstructed activities can be built in the workout builder and saved to your workout library and favorites folder for easy access in adding them to your training schedule. 
  • Mouse over each week to preview past and future totals for training metrics. 

Season Planning Chart: