Scheduled workouts that you have skipped will be listed as "Pending" until their status is updated. To change this, you can mark Workouts as "Did not start" by clicking on the workout on the calendar and clicking on the question mark icon in the top right corner, then select Did not start.

After selecting do not start, the menu will be replaced with an option to choose weather, fatigue, injury, health, life, or equipment as reasons for not completing the workout. 

Unscheduled time off the bike is inevitable for most and many people may be compelled to make up for missed sessions by riding harder or longer when they return to training. We do not recommend this, as it will increase the fatigue from this workouts and may make it difficult to stay on track for future workouts. If you are unable to complete a workout, simply mark it Did not start and stick to the prescribed intensity and duration for any future workout to get back on track with your training plan.