Once your plan has been created, it's time to take some steps to prepare for your workouts and begin uploading and reviewing your rides. 

Review the Calendar

Check out the calendar section to see what your new training schedule looks like and preview some of the upcoming workouts. 

  • On the left column, the total scheduled duration will be shown and as rides are completed, a completed column will popular to see how your totals compare to the prescribed workouts. 
  • Under the calendar, pop up the Seasonal Planning Chart to see how the overall training load increases and decreases throughout your training plan. 
  • The color coding applies to the T-score or training load scores for the week, with red signifying a planned or complete increase in T-score, yellow for a small decrease, and green for a larger decrease or taper week. 

Viewing a workout

From the workout tab, an interval table is visible that outlines the workout sections and intervals. For more details on how to read the interval table, see our topic How do I read the workout intervals table?


Uploading a workout to your head unit

Workouts can be exported and added to certain head units that support the workouts feature. Choose from several different workout file types, depending on where you will be completing the intervals. 

  • To download a workout, select the export icon on the upper right corner of the workout page:6tTKZElRXo3enQZOCw4fp7h-lOiRyk9cPA.png
  • Workouts can be synced with your cycling head unit or completed on Zwift, Trainer Road, or other software. 

Complete your workout

Once you've completed a workout, you will need to upload it to your account. We have lots of options here to get started. 

  • Manual ride upload: Use the upload icon to drag and drop files directly into your Stages Link account
  • For additional options on how to sync your rides, see our topic How do I upload my files to Stages Link?

Review your data 

Completed activities can be seen by clicking on the workout on the Calendar page or clicking on Activities to see all recently uploaded files. 

  • From the ride summary page, a variety of metrics from the ride are visible. This pop up summary can be customized by clicking menu menu%20logo.PNG and then settings cog%20icon.png
  • Select "Go to activity" to view all ride details, including a graph of the ride, map (if performed outdoors), and various other items on customizable graphs
  • Use the Status tab to report your fatigue, muscle soreness, and give other feedback on the session and your overall physical well-being on the day of the workout