The training system plans create easy to follow structured training workouts based on a set goal or event. These plans can work for those who are new to structured training and want to plan for their first major event or people who are already training, but would like to add some additional structure or improve on a specific fitness aspect. In order to accommodate the widely varying needs of athletes, we have built in algorithms to take into account many factors and build generated training plans that will help athletes improve and build on their improvements through continued training.

How does it work?

The training system plan builder starts by asking a series of questions, such as availability, current fitness goals, whether you're training for an event or would like to focus on improving an area of fitness, such as endurance. The plan builder will also ask you what equipment you have and what types of terrain you will be training on. This is important so that you aren't prescribed workouts you can't do, such as hill repeats when you live in a flat area. 

Using your inputs, the plan generator will create a training plan that fits into your schedule, helps increase your training load (CTL) over time to see overall fitness improvement, allows for ample rest to manage fatigue, and targets specific areas needed to accomplish your fitness goal or succeed in your key event. 

What do I get with the structured training plans?

With each training plan comes a detailed training schedule. For workout days, the workouts will show detailed intervals with text descriptions of the type of effort, power (if used) and heart rate targets, as well as companion videos to help explain how to complete each workout. You will be able to preview the target ramp up in training and weekly training time targets. The workouts are able to be exported to many head units so that you can open the workout and have the intervals steps and intensity targets populated on your head unit. Once you complete and upload a workout, you'll also see feedback on how accurately you completed the workout. 

Along with these specific training plan features, you'll have full access to premium features for performance analysis and tracking your improvement. As you accumulate more time training, you can set up various widgets to see how your riding has improved over time.