Adding your historical data to Stages Link  is simple and can be done by dragging and dropping files into the upload window or automatically syncing files from a compatible head unit. When you're ready to upload a new activity or want to get started by uploading some past files, you can evaluate each option and use the most convenient method to add your files into your Stages Link  account. Before you get started, there are also a couple of items you may want to check out before you begin. 

Getting Started

Before uploading your workouts to Stages Link, you may consider verifying that a few items are set correctly. To check these items, click your name in the top right corner and select My Account. Setting these items before uploading files will help ensure your files are processed correctly and do not create any errors in your history that can affect the training analysis tools offered by  Stages Link.

  1. Set your body weight under Profile
  2. Set your threshold power (if known and if using a power meter) under Power
  3. Set your threshold heart rate (if using a heart rate monitor) under Heart rate 
  4. Set action for invalid values for HR, Power, and Cadence under each respective section

Stages Sync

Many head units can be automatically synced when connected directly through your computer using our  Stages Sync desktop application. Archived data can also be uploaded using  Stages Sync by setting the target folder to your activity file archive on your computer. 

Download  Stages Sync

Windows Mac

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Manual Uploading

  1. Click the upload icon in the upper right corner: Upload%20icon.png
  2. Drag and drop compatible files into the upload
    We support the following file types: .fit.ant.gpx.act.tcx.srm.pwx.json.bdx.csv and .gz
  3. Files will be uploaded and then processed. Depending on the amount of files being uploaded, this may take some time. Once the files finish, you are able to view them on the Calendar as well as under the Activities link.

Uploading Historic Data

To upload your historic data, there are several options to quickly add your history into your Stages Link  account. Depending on where your files are stored, we have specific instructions on how to quickly sync this data into Stages Link. Click on the corresponding link for where your files are saved to find detailed instructions.