Some cycling head units have the option to sync a workout and execute it from the head unit itself, allowing for on screen instructions and prompts to help you follow a workout and also allow you to more safely perform a workout outdoors, without the need for constant lap key presses and audio feedback to allow you to keep your eyes on the road. Workouts can also be performed on some mobile apps and desktop applications, such as Trainer Road or Zwift. 

Stages Dash

Workouts can be synced directly to your Stages Dash via the Stages Link mobile app or the Stages Sync desktop application. Once synced, workouts can be found under Main Menu > Select Workout > Select workout from Training Calendar

Garmin Edge Series

Workouts can be synced to your Garmin device by plugging in your device and dragging workouts into the Activites/NewFiles directory or automatically synced through Stages Sync. 

See instructions on how to sync upcoming workouts with your Garmin device

Garmin Forerunner Series

Garmin Forerunner series watches are unable to have 3rd party workouts uploaded directly, but do contain the workout feature. Workouts can be created in the workout builder on Garmin Connect, with the option to use power or HR zone targets. To use this feature, log in to the Garmin Connect website and select "Workouts" from the menu, then select Bike and "Create a workout" and follow their instructions to add the workout instructions to your Garmin connect account. Once complete, you can select "Send to device" and use Garmin Express to sync the workout to your watch. 

Note: When using zone targets, it's important to first ensure that your device is programmed with the same power and HR threshold and number of zones used by Stages Link in order to match the prescribed workout. If unsure, set power targets based on wattage values, rather than zones. 

Other Software or Apps

Stages Link workouts can also be exported for Zwift, Trainer Road, and Computrainer