Your workouts can be completed within Trainer Road and executed similarly to their own workouts, allowing you to use a normal trainer or rollers, indoor cycling bike, or smart trainer to perform your workout indoors. If you're using a smart trainer, we recommend pairing both your smart trainer and power meter to Trainer Road when possible to record your power meter data directly. 

To add your workout to your personal Trainer Road workout library, follow these steps:

  1. Open your workout on the Calendar page of Stages Link
  2. Click the export button 2ToGG8KgTBYaVSBAS07H6AUnB2nPZI-90w.png in the top right corner and select Trainer Road/iMobile Intervals MRC
  3. Open up Trainer Road on your desktop computer and go to Workouts
  4. Select "Custom Workout" to launch the Workout Creator
  5. Drag your .mrc workout file onto the "Create Custom Workout" button on the sidebar. 
  6. Name your workout
    - Take note of workouts that change throughout your training plan, as some workouts add intensity or number of reps over time and you will want to name the workout accordingly to avoid incorrectly repeating a previous workout in your Trainer Road workout directory. 
  7. Select Publish in the lower right corner
  8. Return to the main Trainer Road application and hit the refresh button to retrieve your workout from the Custom Workout builder