The My Account - Power page allows you to manage your power related settings and also to manage your power meters. 

  • Enabled - Check this box if you will be training with a power meter, as it will enable power zone targets for workouts.
  • Threshold power - This is your current or most recent threshold power value. If you do not know your threshold, you will want to complete threshold test as soon as possible in order to use the correct power zones for pacing your workouts. 
  • Initial CTL - If you already know your CTL from an existing training program or other website, enter it here.
  • CTL days - This setting sets the number of past days used to calculate your CTL. The default setting is 42 days, but can be modified as needed if you would like to see a longer or shorter range for chronic training load.
  • ATL days - This setting sets the number of past days used to calculate your ATL. The default setting is 7 days, but can be modified as needed if you want to use a longer or shorter range for acute training load.
  • Last threshold test - Record the date of your last threshold test here. If you perform a 20 minute test from a scheduled workout in Stages Link, your last threshold test date will be automatically recorded here.
  • Set action for invalid values - This setting allows for automatic adjustment of power data information, such as filtering out power spikes, or adjusting power values by an entered percentage. When set to discard, any power values above your discard ceiling will automatically be removed.
    - "Do nothing" will leave values as is
    - "Discard" will remove all values about the discard ceiling
    - "Fixed" will replaced the values with the value input as the "Fixed Value"
    - "Last" will replace the values above the ceiling with the last value below the ceiling
    - "Percent" will multiply the values outside of the range by the set percent value
  • Discard/Fixed/Last ceiling - The highest value that will be accepted before being modified by the invalid actions setting above
  • Percent value - Percent value applied to all power readings outside of the percent ceiling when using the "Percent" option above
Power Meters 

 The Power meters table will list all the power meters which have been detected in your data files. Various meta data is reported and tracked for each power meter to help keep track of your devices. In order to add and track power meters using this list, you will need to upload a file containing power meter sensor information. 

 You can also record your power meter's zero offset, slope and date of last battery change. and any changes made here will be stored in the power meter history table, allowing you to track your power meter's usage over time. It's a simple way to help verify that your power meter is all up to date and functioning correctly when you have a new peak power value or new threshold power recorded. This table will also provide alerts when a power meter firmware update is needed, or a battery change is required.  

This table is also available under the "Power Meter" tab. To edit power meter values, use the edit button on the left hand side. Here you can enter in a name for your power meter and update individual data metrics for the power meter. 

  PM options 

 Note: If you change head units, your power meter may show up as a new device due to variances in how the power meter data is saved into your ride files. To retire the power meter, use the edit button on the far right and deselect the box in the first column to switch the duplicate power meter entry to inactive.