The My Account - Cadence page allows you to manage your cadence related settings. Important fields on this page include;
  • Use channel as - Leave as cadence if your ride files contain cadence in RPMs, select "SMO2" if you are using a muscle oxygen level sensor that is populating as cadence on your head unit
  • Set action for invalid values - This setting allows for automatic adjustment of power data information, such as filtering out power spikes, or adjusting power values by an entered percentage. When set to discard, any power values above your discard ceiling will automatically be removed.
    - "Do nothing" will leave values as is
    - "Discard" will remove all values about the discard ceiling
    - "Fixed" will replaced the values with the value input as the "Fixed Value"
    - "Last" will replace the values above the ceiling with the last value below the ceiling
    - "Percent" will multiply the values outside of the range by the set percent value
  • Discard/Fixed/Last ceiling - The highest value that will be accepted before being modified by the invalid actions setting above
  • Percent value - Percent value applied to all heart rate readings outside of the percent ceiling when using the "Percent" option above