As you upload your files, every file with power data will be processed and individual ride metrics calculated based on your account settings for weight, threshold power, threshold heart rate, etc. If your threshold setting for heart rate or power is set incorrectly, it can result in incorrect T-score calculations on your previous rides. When body weight is not set correctly, it will affect power calculations that use the ratio of power to body weight, which will be important when comparing historical bests to your current workouts. Body weight history can be viewed under Account > Profile, while Power and Heart Rate threshold are also set under their respective tabs. 

To update files that are already processed:

  1. Click on the activities link in the top right corner
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon to search and enter in a custom date range that contains all affected files
  3. Select the affected files using the check boxes. If there is more than one page of affected files, select only one page as the checks will not carry over to the next page.
  4. Once you've selected all files on the page that need to be updated, click the reprocess button at the bottom of the page


  5. Enter the detail you would like to update, then select Apply New Values and Reprocess

  6. If you have more than 50 files to reprocess, advance to the next page and select any remaining files to reprocess. The reprocessing file may take several minutes to complete depending on how many files are selected.