The seasonal planning chart (SPC) is a graphic display that helps illustrate your training load over time, including both past values from your activity history and future items that have been added to your schedule manually or via a generated training plan. This graph can be turned on by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the calendar page. The SPC serves as both a preview of what's to come, as well as a tool used in building your own training plans. 

The graph is color coded to show your fatigue level at the end of each week, as well as the predicted levels for future training in order to show where you are building volume versus decreasing in order to peak for an event. The SPC also can be used to evaluate training levels from past seasons and to help discover patterns of training load when peak form was achieved. 

Graph Customization

Click the menu icon in the top right corner of the SPC to see the customization options. 

  • Optional items can be enabled or disabled by toggling their respective check boxes
  • Color coding key can be updated to reflect preferences in values and colors
  • Number of weeks shown on the SPC can be customized to show a certain number of weeks before and after today's date
    - Note that when scrolling through past weeks of the calendar, the SPC will update to include the values before and after the dates appearing on the calendar

Adding Training Phases

If you are creating your own training plans, the SPC can help you block out time periods based on training phase or block.

  1. Expand the SPC to include the full date range for your training block by scrolling on the calendar or expanding the number of weeks shown in the future (under the SPC menu)
  2. Highlight the desired weeks across the chart
  3. Create Plan pop up will appear and allow you to add name and description items, as well as choose a color and double check the date range of your plan
    - Toggling Associate workouts will associate the training phase with the workouts that it contains and add color coding to each workout within a given training phase
  4. Once satisfied with your inputs, click create
    - Title of your training phase will be visible on the SPC
    - Additionally, a list of your training plans can be found by clicking your name in the upper right corner and selecting My plans