The edit points tool allows the user to make changes to ride data after the ride has been uploaded. This should be used in case of any bad data points being recorded, such as an incorrect power or heart rate value.

To update your file:

  1. As needed, select a portion of the ride to edit or the entire ride
  2. Select which type of edit you would like to make
  3. Select which channel to apply this edit
  4. Add in parameters for adjustment
  5. Hit save
  6. If no more edits are needed, hit the button to complete your changes
    - Note that without reprocessing, the changes will not be applied to the ride summary

Pending changes will be listed under the History tab of the Edit points widget. If you have made an error, you can undo your change here. 

Key Features

Edit types:

  • Discard: Discards all values in selected channel
  • Scale: Adjusts values of selected channel by a percentage
  • Replace: Replaces values of selected channel and range with input value

Channels: Channels refers to the data metric, such as power, cadence, heart rate, etc. 

  • The list of channels should be populated based on what metrics were included in the ride file

Apply to:

  • To apply to a selection, zoom into the ride by dragging your cursor across the ride graph to highlight a section of the ride and then releasing the mouse. Narrow your selection until it contains only the section of the ride you would like to edit.
  • To apply to all values in given channel, choose entire ride

Value Range: To adjust only extremely high or low values, check Limit Value Range

  • ≤ - Less than or equal to this value
  • ≥ - Greater than or equal to this value


The history tab shows a log of any edits made to your ride graph. If you have incorrectly removed or adjusted values, you can undo your change here.