By default, the Stages Dash (v1) and Dash L10 head units record data in the .rde file format. This format allows for more data to be recorded into the file, allowing for higher quality data files. 

To use this format with other 3rd party services, you can either:

  • Convert .rde files in Stages Link. To convert files in Stages Link:
  1. Create an account with Stages Link
  2. Upload activity files from your Dash unit to Stages Link.
  3. Download the file from Stages Link under the Download (FIT) link. This option will be available for .rde files exclusively.
  4. You can bypass the need to convert files by enabling connections to supported 3rd party sites under [your name] > My Account > My Connections.


  • Enable the .FIT Export feature (Dash L10 only) under Main Menu > Settings > .Fit Export > Enabled. Note that there will be a delay in file saving due to the conversion process.