Each data field on the Stages Dash L10 can be configured to have a custom height and width, based upon the pre-configured grid.

Grid Size:

  • Landscape: 4x4 grid of data fields
  • Portrait: 2x8 grid of data fields

For each, the max height and width is 4, making the largest field size 4x4 on Landscape and 2x4 on portrait. As fields are expanded, the number of items on the display decreases. Since other items will be pushed off the screen, we recommend resizing and configuring your ride pages from the top left corner moving right, then down across the screen. This ensures that items added will not be pushed off the display when you set the size for each upcoming item. 

Note that some metrics are not available in all sizes and may require a larger amount of space on the display. The field size will automatically adjust if you choose one of these items.