Note: This article relates to the Stages Dash L10  model only, which is able to be managed online and synced through the Stages Link mobile app. This is the only Dash model that is compatible with the Dash web manager. Stages Dash M50, L50, M200, and L200 models are all managed in the Stages Cycling app.

The Device Settings section applies to all activity profiles within the Dash (L10). Settings changed here will be sent to your Dash next time you sync the Dash via Stages Sync or the Stages Link app. The device settings menu will vary based on the device you have paired to Stages Link. 

  • Time Format: The time format can be either 12h based or 24h based.
  • Units: Dash allows custom settings for units, allowing you to customize your device to use ether metric or imperial units, or a combination of both.
  • Sleep:When not in a ride, or a ride is paused, the Dash will enter a sleep state after a period of inactivity. Options for sleep time are:
    • 5 Minutes
    • 20 Minutes
    • Never
  • Screen: The Dash (1st gen or L10) display colors can be inverted to enhance visibility.  Options for viewing are:
    • Normal: Black text with gray background.
    • Inverted: Black background with gray text.
  • .fit Export: With this option enabled, all files on your Dash L10 will be stored on the device as .fit in the fit files directory on the device.
    • Disabled: Saves only the .rde (Stages Ride File).
    • Enabled: Saves only the .fit file and deletes .rde (Stages Ride File).