No. While a Stages Link account is highly recommended to take advantage of some of the features of the Dash, a Link account is not required to use the unit. 

For the original Stages Dash and Dash L10, you are able to use Stages Sync to convert ride files to .FIT and upload to the third party website or software of your choosing from your desktop computer.

Without Stages Link:

  • Download Stages Sync (for Mac OS X or Windows)
  • Use the export .FIT files option for offline use and archive files onto your desktop computer
  • Use the .FIT export feature on the device (Stages Dash L10). 
  • Check for firmware updates

With Stages Link:

  • Use the Stages Link mobile app to wirelessly upload files.
  • Update Dash settings, manage activity profiles, and configure most Dash settings through the Dash Manager tab.
  • Take advantage of data brokering services to auto-upload to Training Peaks and Strava.
  • Retain more robust data files, containing more data points than available through .FIT files.
  • Update firmware via Stages Link mobile app or Stages Sync, with automated reminders notifying you of new firmware updates for Stages Dash and Stages Power meters.