On the Account - Power Meters page, you'll find a listing of all  power meters used on activity files that you have uploaded to Stages Link. These same power meters are listed under the Power Meter tab. In this section, you can view a full list, view power meter history, and retire or remove power meter listings. 

  • Active power meters will be displayed on the Power Meter tab of your Link account. To retire a power meter that you are no longer using, but retain all history, edit the power meter and uncheck the active box. 
  • While editing, you can also adjust the name, manufacturer, ANT+ ID, and other details of the power meter. 
  • Setting the 'Equipment' type will help Stages Link categorize your rides based on the power meter used. I.e. choosing Mountain here will set all new uploads using that power meter to be mountain bike rides. 
  • If one power meter has a known discrepancy, you can also adjust all rides using this power meter by a set percentage. 

Note: Some head units may record power meter information in different formats, resulting in duplicate listings for the same power meter. Stages Link will track all power meters based on the serial number recorded into the ride file, so all files showing the same serial number will be tracked together. If you use two head units, just keep in mind things like operating time will be split between two listings.