The Activity Data table is a fully customizable table that displays the summary items of your choosing, such as training time, distance, peak heart rate or power values, etc. By configuring the layout, you can adjust how many rows and columns to include on the chart and fill these spaces with the metrics of your choosing.

Click the cog icon  to view the activity data table settings.

  • Configure Layout: The layout configuration tools allows you to add and remove rows, as well as customize each cell in the table. Items can be dragged and dropped from one cell into another to re-arrange (not that the existing cell contents will be lost if you drag a new metric into the space). 
  • Show Achievements: Toggle on achievements, which highlights better than average or personal best values for your activity. From the drop down, you can also choose the time frame used to highlight your achievements (i.e. best in the last 6 months, versus best in the last 12 months). 
  • Reset: Reset table to defaults.