Certain file types are able to be split into multiple files. Splitting a file can be useful in a few scenarios, such as separating a race from the warm up/cool down portions, files with prolonged pauses/gaps, or activities where you did not hit save before beginning another activity. Note that this function is different than cropping a ride, as it separates out the activity into multiple activities on your calendar. 

To use this feature, your activity must first be divided into intervals. If you did not use the lap feature during the activity, you can create your laps from the analysis graph. Select a range of the graph using your cursor (drag and release cursor). Once you have the desired range selected, click on the  icon to create an interval. Use the dialog box to set a name, segment type, color, and description or notes for the interval.

Once your intervals are created, you can:

  1. Click the edit icon in the upper right and select Split file
  2. Select each interval you'd like to split into a separate file. 
  3. Click Split. 

The original file will remain in case an error is made. If everything looks correct within the split files, you may erase the original file. We recommend keeping a back up of all your files should a file be deleted in error, so if you do not have a back up, you can also download the activity file before deleting it in order to safeguard your data.