When using the Stages Dash M50 or L50 with a smart bike or trainer, there are several settings you can adjust to improve your indoor riding experience. For the best experience, create a ride profile specifically for indoor riding so that you can retain these settings for all your indoor training needs. 

To ride using Trainer Control, simply add your trainer as a sensor on your Dash under Main menu > Manage sensors > Add sensor. You can also add any other sensors you are using to train, including a power meter, speed or cadence sensor, or HR sensor. 

Once you are ready with your profile pages set up and sensors paired, head to Main menu > Settings: [Profile name] to set up your Dash for indoor riding. 

  • Recording: We recommend selecting "Cont with GPS off" for all indoor riding. This stops any GPS positions from being recorded in your file, which can throw off your data on sites like Strava that will base your ride time on GPS movement. 
  • Cadence source: If you are also riding with a connected power meter, choose "Power" here to record the cadence from your power meter. Though most smart trainers/bikes send cadence, it is often estimated and will be more accurate coming from your crank- or pedal-based power meter. If you are not using a power meter, you can also select "Speed/Cadence" to record from a cadence or speed/cadence combo sensor. 
  • Power source: If you are also riding with a connected power meter, select "Power" here to record the power readings from your power meter instead of the trainer. This will help keep your data consistent with your outdoor training by recording all your power from one source. 
  • Movement source: Select "Trainer" here to log speed and distance from your trainer. 
  • Display mode: If you are riding the trainer in a basement, garage, or other low-light area, select "Night" mode to use a dark background on all of your profile pages during a ride. This will help reduce eye strain when following along with training metrics on the Dash.