In order to connect your Stages Link account to Zwift, you must first log into the Zwift website.

In Zwift, under Profile, select Connections. You will be prompted with a list of 3rd party applications to connect to Zwift, select Today's Plan. 

When prompted, select Stages Link , and log in with your Stages Link account information.

If already logged in to Stages Link on device, you will be taken directly to an 'Allow' or 'Deny' prompt.

To verify connection has been made, go to Stages Link website, and under Account, select Connections. Under Applications,  you will see Zwift now connected. Should you wish to disconnect, select Revoke.

To verify this connection, open Zwift and connect your power meter or Stages Bike to the application using your preferred device. A current training plan or future rides on your calendar will be necessary for Zwift to transfer. After pairing, and in the main Zwift page, under Ride Type, select training. 

 Under Workouts, select Today's Plan Custom Workouts and choose your next workout.

Choose Workout, and then when ready to workout, select Ride.

Your workout will begin in the Zwift world, and workout information can be seen in both Zwift and Zwift Companion (on separate device).